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   Belarus Line Date Size Author Description   Minsk Passazhirsky 9/5/15 Dima Larin Minsk-Passazhirsky is the main railway station of Belarus. It serves arriving and departure trains in 4 directions: Brest, Gomel, Molodechno, Orsha. The station has 5 platforms and 14 tracks.
The content of the zip file needs to be extracted in a separate directory before playing can start.
This is the result of 3 years of work, and found several bugs Train Director.
Note that this scenario uses Cyrillic characters. It will not appear correctly on systems that don't have Cyrillic fonts available.    Belgium Line Date Size Author Description   Brugge 11/8/15 18k Ben Nimmegeers Simulation of the Oostende - Brugge (Ostend - Bruges) section and branching lines. A "classical" scenario Simulazione della tratta Oostende - Brugge (Ostenda - Bruges) e linee diramate. A "classical" scenario, where all actions are performed by the player, unaided by scripts or specific signals. The 434 treni and the 5 brancing lines require constant attention from the player. Belgian High Speed 8/8/15 11k Ben Nimmegeers The high-speed lines in Belgium that connect Cologne, Lille and Amsterdam to Antwerp, Liège and Bruxelles, for a total of more than 300 km of tracks.   Lokeren-Sint-Niklaas 6/14/15 10k Ben Nimmegeers Section between Beervelde and Zwindercht of the Gent - Antwerp line, comprising the stations of Lokeren and Sint-Niklaas. A "classical" scenario, where all actions are performed by the player, unaided by scripts or specific signals. A mix of a total of 237 long distance and local trains that originate from the 2 stations requires planning of the trains' route selection.    Denmark Line Date Size Author Description   Varde 1972 9/5/15 37k Kay-Martin Hanschmann Varde includes a small part of the main line from Esbjerg to Struer in Western Jutland (Vestjylland) and two small private railways from Varde to Noerre Nebel and from Varde to Grindsted. Grindsted-Varde was completely closed and dismantled in 1972, whereas passenger traffic to Noerre Nebel is still alive. Track layout and trains from original plans, timetable imaginary.

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Luca Albano - SuburbanLuca Albano - SuburbanLuca Albano - Suburban