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In the strip from November 25, 1959 , after bathing and dressing in clean clothes, "Pig-Pen" steps outside his house and instantly becomes dirty and disheveled, whereupon he declares to Charlie Brown , "You know what I am? I'm a dust magnet!" Dirt is similarly shown instantly becoming attracted to a recently cleaned "Pig-Pen" in the episode " The NASA Space Station " from the series This Is America, Charlie Brown . The strip from June 19, 1956 shows "Pig-Pen" trying and failing to wash his hands, after failing to wash them effectively, he realizes that he has "reached a point of no return."

In the past, the Talismans originally existed as special powers owned by the twelve Noble Animals that represent the Chinese zodiac. The origin of their powers were unknown, but it may be that the Jade Emperor bestowed them to the Noble Animals as rewards after they completed the swimming race. Shendu then claimed their powers for himself. This blasphemous act was possibly one of the reason Lo Pei calls him "the ultimate evil". Combined with his demonic magic, he successfully conquered China.

Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French furieus , from Latin furiosus , from furia madness, fury

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