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Which brings us to this year's Geography Quiz. As always, it's not so much a serious test of knowledge as a way to highlight some fun facts about physical, political and cultural geography that we stumbled upon over the last 12 months.

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Traveling down the valley towards a rain forest, we stopped at Guango Lodge, famous for the very large variety of hummingbirds in their gardens. We proceeded toward La Punta Ahuano and stayed at Casa Del Suizo lodge (named after the Swiss founder). Its situated along the river Napo, one of the hundreds of rivers fed by the mountain glaciers that flow through the rain forests into a basin to form the mighty Amazon river. In the afternoon, we visited a Quechua family at their house and learned about their way of life. The dwelling is on stilts to protect them from flood waters. We later practiced our skills on a blow gun—a long wooden pipe that you hold up to your mouth and blow a puff to shoot an arrow at your target.